• Teaser
  • Teaser
  • Teaser
    • VENUS

      Designed and intended to be used by women in the police and other uniformed services. Especially designed to be worn concealed under clothes. The vest can be adjusted using low-profile, arm and side Velcro straps which guarantee secure fastening and do not cause damage to outer garments.

    • MODEL M5

      The M5 shelter are used by the Finnish defence forces to shelter and enable maintenance for F18-Hornet fi ghter aircrafts and the NH-90 Helicopters.

    • RECCON – M2018
      bulletproof vest

      A suggestion for modification of KWS 09 RECCON bulletproof vest which has used by Special Forces since 2010. The vest is equipped with a modular system. Thanks to the modularity of separate elements of the vest and the system of support straps, the vest can be adjusted to suit individual needs and house various equipment.

    • AMP-1 TP

      First & Lightest Composite Helmet with VPAM Certification in the world Unique and specialised side-rail technology giving modular scalable protection capability.

    • 10-seat
      offshore life raft

      The offshore free-fall life raft is pneumatic equipment that has been designed to rescue people in life-threatening situations at sea. Increased optical, thermal, and radio-location signature increases the possibility to detect rafts by sea rescue services, and increase the chances of survival.